How to Root Samsung Galaxy Android

In order to use Triangle Away on your Samsung android phone, you must need root access. You can find a lot of rooting tools, apps and software all over the internet such as CF Auto Root, SuperSU Root, Framaroot, One-click Root and much more.

If you’re not familiar with how to root an android device or you’re a beginner, this article may helpful to you. I have compiled a list of best android rooting tools for beginners. Well, without further ado let’s jump on to our topic.

Root Samsung Galaxy Android Phones

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Android Phone - Triangle Aaway

CF Auto Root – Best Android Rooting Tool for Beginners

This tool has been created by Chainfre, also known as the developer of Triangle Away app.  CF-Root is specially designed for Samsung android devices and I recommend you, this is the best and easiest way to root your samsung galaxy phone if you’re a beginner to root. You can download the exact CF-Auto-Root package for your phone model from the CFAutoRoot official website. Visit for more information and tutorials.

Check out below video for How to root samsung galaxy A7 with CF-Auto-Root.

SuperSU Root – Systemless Root Android

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Chainfire is the god of Android, isn’t it?

I say “Yes indeed he is” because he has developed a lot of tools and apps for android lovers. SuperSU Root is his another gift for the android community. Also, he created Triangle Away, CF-Auto-Root, Mobile Odin and much more.

You can root latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow without modifying system partitions with this. SuperSU is a most advanced super user management tool. You can root your phone without PC with SuperSU Root ZIP. You can find more information and download SuperSU Root from here.

This video tutorial shows you how to root android 6.0 marshmallow with SuperSU Root.

Framaroot – Android Root without PC

This is the best android rooting method for those who have not PC. This is an android app and you can root your smartphone without PC. But this app may not support for every device. Also, you cannot find Framaroot on Google Play. You can find the Framaroot APK from XDA forum. You all have to do is download the APK file and run it on your phone.

You can find more information and tutorials about Framaroot here.


Rooting android phone will avoid your warranty. Also, there will be a risk for brick your device doing something wrong. site is not responsible for any damage/brick on your mobile. Please use these tools and apps at your own risk.

Reset Flash Counter Tool Triangle Away

Triangle Away is one of the best tools designed by an XDA  Senior Member and Moderator, Chainfire. If you’re familiar with Android Development and Customizations, you no need to introduce who is Chainfire as he is famous in the android community as the top developer. He has created a lot of tools for Android fans such as SuperSU Root, CF-Auto-Root, Mobile Odin, as well as this tool, Triangle Away and much more…

Triangle Away Galaxy S4 Yellow Triangle Warning Remove and Flash Counter Reset

Download Triangle Away APK

Most of Samsung android devices are storing a flash counter to track how many time you have flashed custom firmware. Because flashing custom firmware void the samsung warranty. When you have custom binary state and flash counter on your mobile while remaining warranty, this tool will help you to reset the flash counter to 0. Also sometimes boot screen shows a yellow triangle warning after flashing firmware through Odin. Triangle Away is the best tool for remove that yellow triangle warning from your boot screen.

TriangleAway is not a Free app. But the developer has decided to give it all for free, because he thinks this app will be available for everyone, actually who cannot pay for it. But if you’re able to spend a little money, you can purchase it on Google Play. Chainfire spent a lot of time making on this. Be kind to thank him for that.

For more information and Download Triangle Away free visit our website: